Ghana Jollof is Lit!

Jollof rice is a West African tomato-based rice dish named after the Wolof people of Senegambia. Though its origins are indisputably Senegambian, today, jollof is claimed by most of West Africa, each country adding a twist of its own to the already delectable recipe. Notable African countries which vociferously claim ownership of this finger-licking dish are Ghana and Nigeria. Any person even vaguely familiar with internet speak and social media trends must have come across the famous #jollofwars.

Jollof has become the centre of an internet war with no certain beginning and no impending end, where predominantly Ghanaians and Nigerians battle it out on the World Wide Web, the weapons of wit and humour amply stocked in their arsenals, over whose recipe tastes best.

Clearly, when it comes to the cooking of jollof, as with many other things, the most important thing is not who started it, but who has made the best out of it. The Senegambian region may boast its invention, for which the rest of foodie West Africa is eternally grateful, but when it comes to who has constructed its legacy, Nigeria is the obvious first runner-up, with Ghana lifting the trophy. Jollof wars may yet be over, but as we say here in Ghana, “Agorɔ bɛsɔ a, na efiri anɔpa!”

Imagine you are in Ghana, Accra to be specific, and itching for a taste of that world-famous Ghana jollof. You need a place which combines the spicy essence of Ghanaian cooking, with a flavourful twist, then Bourbon House Café is your best bet! Try their Ghana jollof with mouth-watering jerk chicken; as hot as it is delicious. Or if high levels of kpakpo shito is more heat than your tongue can handle, but you still need that spicy kick, then try their Ghana Jollof and chicken satay. If for you, jollof is no jollof without the standard healthy serving of goat meat, then once again, Bourbon House Café has got you covered. Or perhaps you want to stick to regular Ghana jollof and grilled chicken? Look no further! If perhaps jollof and fish is your go-to, then Bourbon House café’s Jollof and fish filet was made just for you. Bourbon house café has the best Ghana jollof, with an equally yummy array of accompaniments.

Whatever you choose, Bourbon House Café is the perfect place to go to prove to anyone from, Antarctica to Nigeria and back, that Jollof is lit, and oh yes, Ghana has won this war.

Adelaide Asiedu

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