Looking for a Coffee House in Labone? Well here is a Satisfying Formula.


Not many things are as frustrating and perhaps even torturous, as working your way tediously through a Math problem and realizing — usually when you have the answer or rather a variable of what the correct answer should actually be — that you may have taken a wrong turn along the route of your calculation. If this happens during a non-formally regulated study period, then you may be able to get some assistance to help you arrive at the desired mathematical destination.

While you don’t need to be Professor Allotey to find a desired destination through unfamiliar routes, getting lost because you took a wrong turn can evoke a similar frustration as what happens when you err in the steps of a mathematical calculation. This may especially be true if you are in a hurry. Both a tour guide and a teaching assistant offer guidance through new areas so one can arrive at a set destination.
If you are new to Labone (or anywhere close to it) or just generally unfamiliar with the area, then you can think of me as a special tour guide or even a teaching assistant, if you will.

When you move to a new area, beside recharge card vendors and grocery stores, you would want to have a café or eatery that fits snugly with your routine like a school prefect’s socks. And this is where I come in. Behold, I present to you Labone’s finest coffee house – Bourbon House Café. Not only do they make the best coffee, they have the finest pastries, excellent service and they are easy to locate!
Bourbon House Café offers a soothing ambiance in an ideal location. This makes it pivotally useful when it comes to finding a space where you can shuffle through your thoughts, plan out your day and get some light work done (thanks to their fast and free WiFi), all while enjoying the best mug of coffee there is.

Maybe, you have not moved to Labone in residential terms. Maybe, you have just got a new job in the area. That works too. In fact, considering how much time we spend in our offices, you might want to consider — and rightly so — Bourbon House Café as your home away from home. Not only can you enjoy a hearty breakfast featuring amazing coffee, you can also treat yourself to sinfully delicious and affordable lunch!

Bourbon House Café also gives you the option of making reservations ahead of time. Talk about convenience! You can go to the link below to make your reservation:
If you are looking for the perfect café in Labone, then Bourbon House Café is the place. A more satisfying formula (pun very intended) than this, there is not! I assure you.


Nana Karikari

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