Cocktails and Coffee – What We Needed and Never Knew We Wanted


It was a hot Tuesday afternoon and Akua’s disregard for time had invariably turned our brunch date into a lunch date. With Akua’s indecisiveness we were probably going to spend another half hour deciding on where to go. After scouting the A&C Mall, we finally decided on Bourbon House Café. It looked warm and inviting and seemed like the perfect place to catch up with my friend Akua over a cup of coffee.

I digress, but it’s extremely important to tell you about this thing Akua and I do. Whenever we go into an establishment we dare each other to ask for the most unlikely thing that establishment would have and enjoy the confused look on the faces of whoever is attending to us. This never gets old and cracks us up every single time. One of my favourite memories of us together is when we walked into a perfume store and asked for a bottle of Moscato. The poor sales girl was so confused and brought us a bottle of Moschino perfume. We have never laughed so hard.  You get the picture now.

Our Modus Operandi was going to be no different today. We seated ourselves at a table and before the waiter had a chance to hand us a menu, Akua ordered a long island and I ordered a mojito. We were waiting for our waiter to look clueless but he just nodded and left. If this waiter is anything like us, he probably split a rib laughing – our expressions showed our utter confusion. We were in a café, a coffee shop or so we thought! Our drinks arrived looking as delicious as they tasted. Don’t judge us for day drinking. You know what they say, too much of anything is bad but too many cocktails are just right.

Six perfect cocktails between us and a year’s worth of catching up, later, we came to the conclusion that a cocktail afternoon was what we indeed needed but never knew we wanted. On hindsight, the name of the café should have clued us in. Alcohol and coffee in one location? YES PLEASE!

We’ll definitely be back and perhaps this time have that coffee date we actually planned.


Nana Karikari

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