Breakfast options that exist in a café in Ghana

For a lot of people, breakfast is the best part of their weekday. Because, how else do you cheer up after waking up at an ungodly hour to get to that job that doesn’t pay you enough or to another endless day of class? Over the weekend, it provides an avenue to catch up with friends and family while savouring the delicious free time ahead.

We do realize the importance of breakfast to you not just nutritionally but also socially. That is why, at Bourbon House Cafe, our breakfast menu is carefully curated to suit a wide variety of tastes and both our locations are designed to provide the perfect ambience for you, your friends and family. So whether you like your eggs sunny side up or scrambled, or you want to eat alone or with friends we have got you covered.

Speaking of scrambled eggs, you can have them with a choice of toast, baked beans and sausage if bacon is not for you. Feeling fancy? You can have your eggs with a side of smoked salmon, toast and baked beans.

Need a tall glass of hot chocolate to go with those eggs? Unfortunately Idris Elba is not on our menu, but we do have available a creamy mix of rich chocolate and fresh milk. If you would rather have some tea, we have got all the (organic) teas.

For our smoothie junkies, we have a wonderful selection of fruit blends that will definitely hit your sweet spot. We also have plain old orange juice and pineapple juice for those who want their daily dose of vitamin C without the fuss of a smoothie.

WICH kind of person are you? Whatever your answer to this question may be, we have just the sandWICH for you!

If there is anything we have learnt over the years, it is that it is never too early for some cake. We encourage you to polish off breakfast with our strawberry, vanilla or chocolate cupcakes. We also do have available cheese cake, red velvet cake and vanilla sponge cake to go with our wide variety of coffee blends.

We really should tell you about our cream cheese and plain bagels but how about you try them for yourself (and don’t forget to get back to us on how they changed your life).

Stop swallowing so hard and continue this mouth-watering tale by checking out our full menu on

Naa Kwaamah

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