Bourbon House New Branch

My Su Experience

I would like it to be known that this was not my first time at a Bourbon House Café. In fact, I swear by their club sandwich and fries. Fun fact : if I were on death row and had to pick a last meal before my execution, I would order their club sandwich with fries and a white chocolate milkshake. Trust me, I have put A LOT of thought into it.

Now you can see why I was excited to try out the newest Bourbon House Café branch in the Su Tower building at Ridge. I must admit, I was a little nervous because I knew there was a possibility this experience could ruin Bourbon House Café for me.

I wondered if I would have any trouble finding them in the Su Tower because that building is MASSIVE. I was not really looking forward to the possibility of an elevator ride as I am slightly claustrophobic. But as usual, the people at bourbon house café showed me that they really do have everything handled. Because alas, the Su Tower branch is located on the ground floor of the building. It is so visible from the parking lot that even Stevie Wonder could find it.

I entered to find a very welcoming staff. They were so welcoming, attentive and engaging that I began to wonder if they had been wrongly informed that I was royalty. The ambience was perfect with nice clean white tables and comfortable seating. I was not surprised to find a party of about eight people just catching up over food. My server Seth led me to a table and promptly handed me the menu to peruse. Even though I knew exactly what I wanted to order, I decided on a whim to look at the menu anyway. In the timeless words of my favourite song by TLC “ please don’t go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to”. Usually I would take this advice but I decided to see what happens when one goes chasing waterfalls. Therefore I decided to try something new. I ordered a plate of Jerk Chicken with a side of fries and a white chocolate milkshake.

My milkshake arrived as promptly as I had ordered it and my food followed shortly after. I think I had a tear in my eye after I took the first bite. The food was THAT good.  The fries were the right amount of crispy and salty. The chicken was cooked to perfection. The chicken pieces were flavourful, spicy and tender. The jerk chicken completely transformed the fries into exciting spicy sticks. And when things got too heated in my mouth, my milkshake did a wonderful job of restoring peace to my palate.

In all this, guess who forgot she had no cash on her? I was fully ready to be escorted to the kitchen by Seth and be given an apron to wash some plates. But the Bourbon house café staff saved the day by informing me they accepted payments via mobile money. (They take card payments too BTW). My relief was palpable. Indeed, not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they work at Bourbon House Café.

I went chasing waterfalls and discovered this awesome Jerk Chicken and fries combo. The Lesson here is Bourbon House Café is awesome. The only new thing about this Bourbon House Café branch is the location. It’s still the same great food and same amazing staff.


Naa Kwaamah

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